The best dark green paint colors for 2024

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Are you looking for the perfect dark green color to make your home look fancy? It’s like searching for a magical dark green color!

Let’s explore the wonderful world of green with our helpful guide to pick the best color that brings calm nature feelings into your house.

It’s like going on an adventure into a green dream, where every paint stroke has a story and each color shares peaceful secrets.

Come along with us on this exciting journey, where your walls turn into beautiful pictures, and green becomes the special language that makes your home sound like a lovely poem.

Here’s an easy way to choose colors that feel just right for you and your home, like a secret language that speaks to your heart.

Green Reverie

For me , I always find myself captivated by the allure of green paint colors, a personal favorite for interior walls.

So, is it the same for you?

Join me as we explore the current trend that has painted the town green, creating a sense of harmony and relaxation reminiscent of a return to nature.

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The Green Wave

Green is omnipresent, weaving its magic in various forms—from green walls to cabinets and even accent walls.

The spotlight, however, shines brightest on dark green paint, adorning bedrooms, living spaces, and accent walls, casting a luxurious and soothing spell throughout the home.

Navigating the Green Palette

Choosing the right green from the myriad shades available can be daunting. Fear not! We unravel the factors to consider and showcase an array of real room examples to guide you through the decision-making process.

Discovering the Best Dark Green Wall Paint Colors: Nature’s Palette Unveiled

Behr Meteorological

Behr Meteorological (Color Code: #00786D) is an almost teal green with prominent blue undertones. This jewel-toned beauty is rich and vibrant, making it an excellent choice for spaces where you want to infuse energy and depth. The color plays well with both warm and cool undertones, making it versatile for various design schemes. Consider Meteorological for an accent wall in a living room or a bold statement in a bathroom, where its dynamic character can shine.

Behr Black Bamboo

Behr Black Bamboo (Color Code: #3E463E) offers a sophisticated take on olive green. Dark yet not overpowering, this shade allows green tones to subtly emerge. Ideal for kitchen cabinets or accent pieces, Black Bamboo brings a touch of nature without being too bold. Its darker nature makes it easy to coordinate with light-colored countertops and backsplashes, creating a balanced and contemporary look.

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown (Color Code: #38433B) is a beautiful deep green with a vintage feel. This color pairs exceptionally well with metallic tones and light neutrals, making it a unique choice for accent walls in eclectic or industrial-themed spaces. The vintage charm of Shade Grown adds character to spaces like a home office or a cozy den, providing a sense of history and warmth.

Clare Current Mood

Clare Current Mood (Color Code: #4B5B5A) introduces a trendy hue with blue undertones, presenting a beautiful teal green. This color is a versatile option for those seeking a contemporary and refreshing look. Ideal for accent walls in a modern living room or a bedroom, Current Mood brings a stylish touch without being too overpowering. Its blend of blue undertones makes it an excellent choice for coordinating with other cool-toned decor elements.

Behr Rainforest

Behr Rainforest (Color Code: #0E281E) is a rich and true green, perfect for creating a moody and dramatic atmosphere, especially in smaller spaces. This super-dark shade adds depth and intensity, making it an ideal choice for a cozy reading nook or a small dining area. Rainforest pairs well with warm tones, creating a harmonious and inviting ambiance.

Fusion Mineral Bayberry

Fusion Mineral Bayberry, intended for furniture (Color Code: #5C6359), showcases a genuine olive green. Its stunning appearance makes it an excellent choice for accent furniture, adding a touch of nature to your interior decor. The true olive green shade makes Bayberry a versatile option for various furniture pieces, allowing you to incorporate this earthy tone seamlessly.

Sherwin Williams Rock Garden

Sherwin Williams Rock Garden (Color Code: #193A2F) brings a deep emerald green into play. In bright rooms, this color feels energized, providing a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Rock Garden is an excellent choice for accent walls in spaces where you want to create a dynamic focal point, such as a contemporary living room or a stylish home office.

Benjamin Moore Dakota Shadow

Benjamin Moore Dakota Shadow (Color Code: #55634E) presents a gorgeous olive green, exuding earthiness with a bohemian feel. This color is perfect for spaces where you want to create a relaxed and eclectic ambiance. Consider using Dakota Shadow in a bedroom or a den, pairing it with natural textures for a truly boho-chic look.

Benjamin Moore Backwoods

Benjamin Moore Backwoods (Color Code: #3C3D37) introduces a deep but bright olive green, offering a dramatic yet not overwhelmingly dark appearance. This color is a great choice for those seeking a bold look without the heaviness of black. Backwoods is ideal for accent walls in contemporary living spaces or as a statement color in a stylish kitchen.

Benjamin Moore Essex Green

Benjamin Moore Essex Green (Color Code: #4E5349) takes a bold step into an extremely dark forest green. The dramatic presence of Essex Green makes it an excellent choice for creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere in larger rooms. Consider using this color in a spacious living room or a master bedroom to evoke a sense of warmth and sophistication.

These paint colors offer a diverse range of options, allowing you to select the perfect shade to suit your style and preferences. Always consider the lighting conditions and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve when choosing the ideal dark green for your home.

Behr Trailing Vine

Behr Trailing Vine, with its rich and true deep green (Color Code: #3C4F3C), serves as a captivating choice for wall paint. Used as the background for Luke’s jungle mural, it stands out with its slightly more pronounced green hue compared to others on this list. Its depth ensures a distinctly green appearance without being overly bright or neon. Ideal for creating a nature-inspired atmosphere, this shade coordinates well with whites, neutrals, and earthy tones. The undertones lean towards a balanced mix, making it suitable for various settings. While it may lack the brightness of some greens, its versatility makes it perfect for accent walls in living spaces or bedrooms.

Behr North Woods

Behr North Woods (Color Code: #33493D) presents a deep green with muted undertones, almost bordering on black at night. This color exudes sophistication and tranquility, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms or spaces where a calm ambiance is desired. The muted undertones allow it to pair well with both warm and cool colors, providing flexibility in coordinating furniture and decor. Its muted nature suggests best use in areas where a subdued elegance is preferred, such as a cozy reading nook or a refined dining room.

Sherwin Williams Rookwood Sash Green

Sherwin Williams Rookwood Sash Green (Color Code: #385049) is a rich forest green with a hint of blue undertones, offering a cool-toned option for those seeking a deep green paint. This color brings a touch of sophistication and depth, making it suitable for a study or home office. Its vintage feel and versatility in complementing metallic tones and light neutrals make it an excellent choice for accent walls or focal points in rooms with abundant natural light.

Benjamin Moore Waller Green

Benjamin Moore Waller Green (Color Code: #4B4E46) boasts a very dark green, almost charcoal in certain lighting conditions. This makes it an intriguing choice for spaces where you desire a darker, cozier atmosphere without overwhelming green dominance. Its neutral appearance in the right lighting allows for easy coordination with various decor styles. Waller Green shines in living rooms or bedrooms where a balance between darkness and neutrality is sought.

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green (Color Code: #5D635B) strikes a perfect balance between mid-olive and dark green. This earthy sage green, especially beautiful on the exterior of homes surrounded by wooded lots, adds a touch of sophistication. The mid-olive undertones make it versatile for both interior and exterior use, pairing well with warm wood tones. Pewter Green is an excellent choice for exterior siding, providing a subtle, nature-inspired aesthetic.

FAQs: Deciphering the Language of Green Paint

1. How do I choose the right shade of green paint?

  • Seek inspiration from photos to determine the vibe you desire—be it light green, dark green, or sage green.
  • Obtain samples and test them in your space, considering various lighting conditions. Explore the exact process in “My Paint Color Formula.”

2. What are the different shades of dark green?

  • Hunter green
  • Forest green
  • Dark olive green
  • Emerald green

3. Is there a warm green?

  • Warm greens possess yellow or brown undertones. Think of olive green as an exemplary warm-toned green.

4. What is the darkest green paint color?

  • Enter the realm of Charleston Green—a deeply rich hue with a historical tale of rebellion against black paint during the British colonial era.

5. Is Hunter Green the same as forest green?

  • Typically, Hunter green leans a bit darker than forest green, yet both terms are interchangeably used.

6. Is green a good house color?

  • Absolutely! Green bestows a nature-inspired aesthetic, making it an excellent choice for homes nestled in green, wooded areas.

7. Where should I use green paint?

  • Exterior and interior walls, accent walls, board and batten textures, fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, furniture, and ceilings.

8. What is the color psychology of green?

  • Green evokes feelings of nature, healing, freshness, and quality, according to color psychology.


Imagine lots of beautiful dark green colors, all lined up like magic in front of you, just like a colorful spinning toy. These colors aren’t just colors; they’re like a special way to make your home look amazing.

Maybe you like the cool style of Behr Trailing Vine, or maybe the calm and fancy feeling of Behr North Woods, or perhaps the always stylish Sherwin Williams Rookwood Sash Green. There’s a color that’s just right for what you like!

Each color is like a storyteller, waiting for you to discover what it wants to say.

Imagine yourself exploring the deepness of Sherwin Williams Shade Grown, giving a big hug to the cozy feeling of Behr Rainforest, or adding a bit of nature’s olive charm with Fusion Mineral Bayberry.

You get to pick the one you like, and your home is the big white paper where you can make a beautiful picture.

Do let me know how this color adventure entails for you—where each color has a story to tell, and your home turns into a wonderful piece of art made by you!

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