Best Gray Paint Colors for Cabinets

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Gray proves to be an excellent choice for cabinets, adding interest while maintaining a neutral aesthetic. Here, we explore the finest gray paint colors for cabinets. While white cabinets are considered timeless, they may not suit everyone’s preferences. For those seeking to introduce color, whether on all cabinets, lower cabinets, or just the island, gray emerges as a versatile option.

Picking the perfect gray paint color for your cabinets involves several considerations. Begin by selecting a color family—congratulations if you’ve chosen gray. Within that family, decide on the desired lightness or darkness, brightness or muted tones, and preferred undertones.

Ways to pick the best gray paint color for your cabinets

To narrow down your choices, obtain paint samples. Purchase at least three samples, applying them to various spots on your walls, especially near fixed elements like trim, carpet, flooring, or existing cabinets. Allow the samples to dry and observe them over at least two days, considering different lighting conditions.

The temperature of a paint color

When it comes to the temperature of a paint color, grays can be warm-toned (“Greige”) or cool-toned. Warm-toned grays, resembling gray-beige, lean towards brown, while cool-toned grays have icy tones with hints of blue. To decide on the right temperature for your gray, consider the existing elements in your room, such as flooring, trim color, or furniture, and aim for a cohesive look.

I’m excited to share insights into some popular gray cabinet paint colors. Let’s explore my favorite choices:

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

 A light, slightly warm gray with a touch of brightness, almost true gray. Some may perceive subtle purple undertones in morning light.

Benjamin Moore Winter Gates

A warm-toned light greige, appearing bright and timeless. Goes well with crisp white accents.

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

 A medium-dark gray with warm undertones, creating a mid-toned neutral option that contrasts beautifully with white.

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Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain

A dramatic charcoal gray with warm undertones, suitable for lower cabinets or a kitchen island, offering depth in traditional or modern homes.

Sherwin Williams Online (SW 7072)

A true gray with cool tones, ideal for complementing blues without veering into beige or tan territory.

Behr Amazon Stone: A bold charcoal option with warm, almost purple undertones, making a strong impact while maintaining a fairly neutral tone.

Sherwin Williams Misty (SW 6232)

A grayish blue with green undertones, light, and easy to work with, providing a refreshing and versatile choice.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn: A deep gray with slight purple undertones and warmth, offering a charming warm charcoal paint color._

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray

Explore the elegance of light gray cabinets with Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray. This captivating deep gray boasts subtle blue and green undertones, revealing a hint of blue in well-lit spaces. In areas with diminished natural light, the color adopts a warmer and more neutral tone. Among the six shades I considered for my kitchen, Coventry Gray stands out as a personal favorite due to its appealing cooler undertones. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking light gray cabinets with a touch of softness.

Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl

Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl presents a stunning light gray paint color that has gained immense popularity in the market for its versatility. Classified as a light warm gray, it exhibits the flexibility to shift towards cooler tones in abundant natural light. This particular shade tends to shine most in areas with subdued natural light, making it an ideal choice for those contemplating light gray kitchen cabinets.

Color NamePros for CabinetsCons for Cabinets
Sherwin Williams Repose Gray– Light, slightly warm gray – Versatile and neutral – True gray with subtle brightness – Some may perceive subtle purple undertones, especially in morning light– Slight potential for morning light to reveal subtle purple undertones
Benjamin Moore Winter Gates– Warm-toned light greige – Bright and timeless – Pairs well with crisp white accents– May not suit those seeking a cooler-toned gray
Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray– Medium-dark gray with warm undertones – Contrasts well with white – Mid-toned neutral option– May be too dark for spaces with limited natural light – Warm undertones may not appeal to those seeking a cooler gray
Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain– Dramatic charcoal gray – Warm undertones – Suitable for lower cabinets or kitchen islands – Adds depth to traditional or modern homes– May be too dark for small or poorly lit spaces
Sherwin Williams Online (SW 7072)– True gray with cool tones – Complements blues well – Crisp and clean gray color– None reported
Behr Amazon Stone– Bold charcoal option – Warm, almost purple undertones – Makes a strong impact – Fairly neutral despite deep hue– Not recommended for those seeking a subtle or muted look
Sherwin Williams Misty (SW 6232)– Grayish blue with green undertones – Light and easy to work with – Versatile choice– None reported
Sherwin Williams Peppercorn– Deep gray with slight purple undertones – Nice warm charcoal paint color– May be too dark for spaces with limited natural light – Slight purple undertones may not appeal to everyone
Color NamePros for CabinetsCons for Cabinets
Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray– Captivating deep gray with blue/green undertones – Subtle hint of blue in well-lit spaces – Warmer and more neutral in spaces with less natural light– May not be ideal for those seeking a cooler-toned gray
Benjamin Moore Gray Owl– Stunning light gray with versatility – Light warm gray with flexibility to shift towards cooler tones in abundant natural light – Ideal for areas with subdued natural light– May not be the best choice for well-lit spaces

The bottom line

In summary, selecting the right gray paint color for your cabinets involves considering the undertones, lightness, and existing elements in your space. Each recommended color brings its unique character, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style and preferences.

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