28+ best blue paint colors for bedrooms

Jackson Archer | 🗓️Modified: 31 December 2023 | ⏳Time to read:8 min

Looking for the perfect blue paint color for your bedroom?

Let’s compare the most popular blue bedroom paint colors to help you make the right choice!

Thinking of giving your bedroom a fresh look?

Painting is a cost-effective and simple way to completely transform the ambiance of any space.

However, choosing the right paint color can be quite challenging!

If you’ve arrived here, chances are you’re contemplating the color blue for your bedroom—and that’s a fantastic choice!

Let’s delve into the reasons why and explore some of my preferred shades.

Is Blue a Suitable Bedroom Color?

According to color psychology, blue has a calming effect, making it an ideal choice for the bedroom. Additionally, blue is universally well-received and complements a wide range of colors and materials. In essence, it’s an excellent selection!

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Best Blue Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Curious about which blue shade is ideal for the bedroom? My top blue bedroom paint colors can be categorized into two types: light blue and navy blue. Let’s take a closer look at the best shades of blue for your bedroom!

Best Light Blue Paint Colors for the Bedroom

Light blue paint colors offer a soothing and easy-to-decorate-with vibe. Here are my preferred light blue paint colors for bedrooms!

Windy Sky by Benjamin Moore (1639):

Windy Sky boasts a stunning, bright, and cheerful blue-gray hue. It exudes a mature and sophisticated aqua vibe, reminiscent of a sunny, cloudless day, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Iceberg by Benjamin Moore (2122-50):

Iceberg, with its very light blue and strong gray undertones, leans towards a muted baby blue. The addition of gray prevents it from being pastel, making it a neutral choice suitable for covering all walls in your home while maintaining visual interest.

Brittany Blue by Benjamin Moore (1633):

Brittany Blue is a light, crisp, and cool blue-gray color with icy undertones. It embodies a sky blue essence, yet the gray tones add sophistication, preventing it from appearing overly UNC-Chapel Hill.

Icy by Sherwin Williams (SW6534):

Icy, a distinctly blue color with gray undertones, approaches a sky blue shade and stands out as one of the truest blues in this selection. Pair it with creamy colors to avoid an overly blue appearance.

Lake Placid by Benjamin Moore (827):

Lake Placid is a vibrant, purple-tinged blue, maintaining a cool and icy demeanor while retaining a substantial blue pigment. It offers a modern twist on baby blue.

Upward by Sherwin Williams (SW 6239):

Upward presents itself as a clear and pure blue color. Its vibrancy is not compromised by muddy tones from gray undertones, yet it exudes a subdued brightness. This cheerful color can effectively enhance the atmosphere in various rooms.

Whispering Spring by Benjamin Moore (2136-70):

Whispering Spring, despite its very light and icy blue nature, boasts surprising saturation, avoiding a pastel appearance. It remains distinctly blue, holding onto subtle gray undertones to maintain its depth.

North Star by Sherwin Williams (SW 6246):

North Star is a cool and crisp blue-grey color, exhibiting an icy demeanor. Its compatibility with a charcoal gray accentuates its appeal.

Manor Blue by Benjamin Moore (1627):

Manor Blue strikes a balance as a mid-tone blue-gray with violet undertones. While it embodies a true blue shade, the gray undertones infuse a moody ambiance.

Windy Blue by Sherwin Williams (SW 6240):

Windy Blue is a light yet richly toned blue-gray, achieving a distinct blue presence without overwhelming intensity. Its richness, coupled with muted tones, makes it visually striking.

Gentle Gray by Benjamin Moore (1626):

Gentle Gray, a soft blue-gray resembling a gentle morning fog, offers versatility and harmonizes well with various accent colors.

Best Navy Blue Paint Colors for the Bedroom:

Navy blue walls can be bold, modern, masculine, or cozy with the right accents. Explore my favorite dark blue paint colors for bedrooms!

Naval by Sherwin Williams (SW6244):

Naval, a classic and on-trend deep blue with gray undertones, evokes the night sky. Saturated and luxurious, it suits traditional or nautical home styles, especially when applied to walls with intricate moldings.

Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore (HC-155):

Newburyport Blue, with undertones of gray and purple, leans toward a rich and cozy hue. Ideal for exteriors, it resembles deep denim blue jeans in natural light.

Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball (No. 30):

Hague Blue, with deep green undertones, exudes a dramatic, historical look, resembling the color of the deepest sea. Ideal with darker wood tones and crisp white accents.

Midnight Blue by Behr (N480-7):

Midnight Blue, a super gray navy with muted undertones, provides a neutral deep-toned option, avoiding a primary blue appearance.

Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore (2062-20):

Gentleman’s Gray, inspired by navy suits, delivers a formal and masculine touch with teal and green undertones. Ideal for studies or man caves.

Old Navy – Benjamin Moore (2063-10):

Old Navy, a traditional navy with true blue and slight deep purple undertones, suits bold navy and white stripes.

Dark Night by Sherwin Williams (SW 6237):

Dark Night, a deep teal with green undertones, offers a stunning and intriguing option. Best showcased in well-lit areas, it’s a moody choice for areas like kitchen island cabinets.

Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore (HC-154):

Hale Navy, one of the most popular navy blue paint colors, is deeply saturated with slight gray undertones, making it impactful without resembling a military uniform.

Salty Dog by Sherwin Williams (SW-9177):

Salty Dog, highly pigmented with teal undertones, offers a bold pop of color for features like front doors or furniture.

Charcoal Blue by Sherwin Williams (SW 2739):

Charcoal Blue, bridging deep charcoal gray and navy blue, is an excellent choice for those torn between dark gray and navy.

Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore (HC 156):

Van Deusen Blue, slightly lighter but very navy, maintains a historical charm with muted gray undertones.

Club Navy by Ralph Lauren (RLTH228):

Club Navy, a preppy and classic navy blue, is highly pigmented with a distinct blue character, sometimes leaning towards purple in certain lights.

Newburg Green by Benjamin Moore (HC-158):

Newburg Green, a beautifully muted dark teal with green and gray undertones, offers a rich jewel tone appearance.

Deep Royal by Benjamin Moore (2061-10):

Deep Royal, a very dark navy blue with gray undertones, unmistakably reads as blue on the walls, providing a bold and rich option.

Evening Sky by Benjamin Moore (833):

Evening Sky, with purple and gray undertones, offers a highly pigmented navy blue color, suitable for those desiring depth without extreme darkness.

Mysterious by Benjamin Moore (AF-565):

Mysterious, closely related to charcoal gray, is a navy blue color rich in depth, appearing more gray in low light conditions.

Stormy Sky by Benjamin Moore (1616):

Stormy Sky, appearing predominantly gray on the swatch, reveals its navy blue essence in the light. A great choice for those seeking a charcoal-navy blend without excessive blue tones.

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