Sherwin Williams City Loft: A Complete Color Review

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Sherwin Williams City Loft: A Complete Color Review

In search of the ideal greige paint color?

Let’s explore SHERWIN WILLIAMS CITY LOFT, examining its undertones, coordinating color palette, and suitability for your home.

✏️ Note

  • Greige, a blend of gray and beige, is favored for its neutral, warm, and cozy characteristics.

Sherwin Williams City Loft stands out as one of the most popular greige paint colors, offering a versatile option for your home.

Delving into this well-received choice, we’ll assess its potential fit for your living space.

Sherwin Williams City Loft SW7631

Sherwin Williams City Loft, officially categorized as a warm off-white with beige and red undertones, is often perceived as a warm gray in various situations.

Color Family

Its Color Family is identified as warm gray, boasting a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 70, indicating a mid-toned color that strikes a balance between light and dark.

Light Reflectance Value

This makes City Loft suitable for bright rooms where the paint color won’t be washed out by intense light.

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RGB & HEX Code

The RGB values (R: 223 G: 218 B: 209) and Hex Code #DFDAD1 provide insights into the color mix, reflecting City Loft’s delicate blend of warm undertones.


With warm undertones of beige and red, City Loft typically presents itself as a peachy-greige.

Swatching colors on your wall becomes imperative to ensure their day and night appeal in your specific space before making a commitment.

City Loft’s super neutral nature makes it an excellent choice as a whole-house paint color or for almost any room.

However, when used on exteriors, it’s essential to consider that bright exterior lighting can result in a much lighter appearance outdoors.

City Loft’s versatility extends to its coordination with various colors.

Similar Colors

Similar shades like

  • Sherwin Williams White Cliffs
  • Simple White
  • Benjamin Moore Athena

and others provide alternatives for diverse design preferences.

Coordinate Colors

Coordinating with creams, warm grays, and warm greens, City Loft’s neutral composition complements a broad spectrum of color choices.

Creams such as

  • SW Creamy
  • SW Antique White
  • SW Dover White,

along with warm grays like

  • SW Mindful Gray
  • SW Urbane Bronze
  • SW Thunder Gray,

offer compatible pairings.

Trim Colors

As City Loft borders on off-white, it benefits from a crisp white trim for contrast.

Bright white trim colors like Benjamin Moore Simply White, Sherwin Williams Extra White, and Behr Ultra Pure White create a striking visual balance.

Addressing frequently asked questions about City Loft, it becomes evident that its undertones include brown and red, placing it in the category of a mid-toned warm gray paint color.

📝 Key takeaways

  • City Loft coordinates harmoniously with warm colors like cream, brown, warm gray, and green, providing a flexible palette for your design aspirations.
  • While it generally does not appear green, City Loft may exhibit warm tones like pink or purple, particularly in north-facing rooms with cool lighting.
  • City Loft’s greige nature, a fusion of gray and beige, contributes to its versatile appeal.
  • Some observations note a potential purple hue in certain lighting conditions, especially in north-facing rooms with cool lighting.
  • Balancing depth without being too dark, City Loft is an ideal choice for those seeking a pigmented yet not overly dark gray color.
  • A comparison with Agreeable Gray reveals that City Loft is lighter, featuring pink undertones, while Agreeable Gray leans towards green undertones.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Sherwin Williams City Loft emerges as a compelling option for those seeking a versatile greige paint color.

Its warm undertones, coordination possibilities, and balanced pigment make it a contender for various design preferences.

As with any paint color selection, sample testing in your specific space is crucial to ensure the desired look and feel.

If you’re considering a greige, City Loft might just be the perfect choice for your home.

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